Sell Infra-Red Ear Thermometer

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1. Digital ear thermometer is a safe means of measuring human body
temperature through the ear;

2. Range of displayed temperature: 35.50C~420C; Display L0C when the
temperature is under 340C; Display H0C when the temperature is higher than 440C;

3. Operating ambient: temperature: 160C~350C; humidity: 30%rh to 80%rh;

4. Display resolution temperature range: 0.10C

5. Accuracy: 1 0.20C (from 35.50C to 420C) ;

6. Temperature value: display the maximum temperature in measuring process

7. Temperature unit: centigrade or Fahrenheit

8. Display of memory: last ten memories

9. Low voltage warning: the LCD display, and then a beep sound is heard

10. Beeper sign: on/off, measuring finish and low voltage warning etc.