Sell Infra red heat massager

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This product is a high radiant appliance which is made with the latest technology and can radiate Far Infrared Rays of 4-145m wave length best for human body. Far Infrared energy is capable of reaching deep into the human body, producing thermal effects from point to facet, from outside to inside . These effects are beneficial for human body.

Functions and Effects:
1. Has a good response to treat Scapula Humeral Periarthritis and Lumbar Muscle Strain.
2. Eliminates tiredness, improves body functions and relieves stress in body and mind.
3. Improves oxygenation exchange and blood circulation, and accelerates metabolism.
4. Relaxes muscles and relieves muscular ache.
5. Relieves Neuralgia and eliminates inflammation.
6. Balances endocrine, beautify yourself.
7. Penetrates deep under the skin, decomposes unnecessary fat in order to lose weight.

1. Electronic temperature controller: Radiant plate temperature remains at a safe level.
2. Ergonomically designed : Radiant dome is designed in a semicircular shape for intensified radiation for maximum effect.
3. You fell very comfortable during the thermal treatment.
4. The design permits it to be fully articulated. It can shine upward as well as downward onto the body.
5. The product has been conferred with Registration Certificate of Medical Device of P. R. C. .