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Instruction for use:
1 Open the box with caution and take out all components in the packing box.
2. Connect all the plastic parts together according to our installation diagram. You should notice all the parts Tightly enough
so that the sauna tent can wear well.
3 Wear the sauna bathtub on the stand-frame, then put the sponge mat at the bottom .
4 Connect the bathtub to the steamer using the steam hose, be careful the hose should be tightened well.
5 Fill the steamer with fresh water up to the watermark line. When using the sauna with aroma oil, put one drop of Aroma
oil on the water. When taking a Herbal sauna, please put a tea-bag of herbal wholly.
6 Insert the plug into a suitable mains socket and turn on the mains. The POWER light will switch on.
7 Turn the TIMER knob to 5 minutes, when the steam is being produced, turn the TIMER again for the desired time. Normally
20~30 minutes is preferred.
8 Now you can put the chair into the bathtub and sit inside. Later just zip-up the bathtub, from both sides you can reach
your hands out to read newspaper or book.
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