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 Improve inner blood circulation decompose deposite on the blood vessel.
 Massage to stimulate sympathetic nerve help to balance secretion of inner body.
 Active cells inside body improve body immunity system.
 Regulate main and collateral channels. Straightaway Qi and blood to prolong life.
 Impove digest and absorb ability. Be strong to protest inner organs.
 Recover tension and flexibility of muscles. Body building and skin beauty.

"Super Nature"blood circulation machine, being based on the theory of biological magnetics, ergonomics and physiology, is developed by Yinglong Company after years of research. Aimed at prompting blood circulation , it comes with spiral series of blood circulation, which integrated with massage, health care, therapy, physical therapy, exercise and skin beauty in a whole. The machine produced a swirling energy field, which moved in a high -frequency spiral , up right to the ground and keeping on rising, that vibrates sympathetically with Qi and blood of inner body, meanwhile, make an effective stimulation to viscera and points via a reflected area on the sole. It functioned as expanding blood vessel, improving blood circulation, promoting metabolism and inner organs, so as to strenghth body immunity, healing ability and capability of antidisease.
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