Sell Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate

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Infrared honeycomb ceramic plates compared with the electrical drying stove and common gas fired combustion stove, has following advantages:
1) Excellent thermal shock resistance
2) Ensure efficient and safe gas burning
3) Gas completely burns on the surface
4) Save energy consumption.
5) Burn without Flame, low noise.
6) Reduce the formulation of such harmful gas as CO, Nox, etc by a large margin
7) Strong bearing of wind, using safely.
Representative Application: Barbecue oven, Roast product line of grocery, Automatic Drier, Special infrared oven for gas, Barbecue ark, Bake Line, Bottom setting of painting line.

JINTAI ceramic honeycomb series including: Heat Transfer Media for RTO, Catalyst Support Monolith For RCO, Auto and Motor Catalyst Support, Electrical Blower Ceramic Slice, Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate and Liquefied Gas Stove Slice