Sell Infrared Painting Lamp (BTD-1L)

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Infrared Paint Lamp Product Description:
Shortwave infrared is different from middle and long wave far infrared, and its wavelength has very strong osmotic power deep into paint layer, which makes the temperature of the paint layer's basic body ( crust of the vehicle ) go up quickly and brings spontaneous hot domino effect, the moist-ure (or solvent) of the paint layer will quickly volatilize form inside to outside, When the
chemical vibrant frequencies of the paint dope are the same, chemical bond of the paint dope will enlarge it's occurring, it increases the probability of the chance for aggregation and speed up the solidify of the paint layer , Therefore, the degree of blare and chubbiness on the paint layer is high and the attaching power of the paint layer is strong, Some phenomena e. g. m and arin orange' s hull and lacrimation' will not easily happen. it will avoid doing poorly done work over again, save cots and improve
the efficiency.

Super Configuration
1. Made from aluminum alloy, bright stainless steel and other special materials
2. Equipped with Vpower 21' quartz short wave infrared light tubes
3. Fully-automatic device equipped with LCD digital electric timer
4. Pneumatic lift, turning by 300 degrees, independent switch

1. Optional distance measure function
2. Reduce the energy expense 75%
3. Adopt longest baking duration within 20 minutes.
4. Baking deep into metal plate layer due to paint baking completely
5. Accomplish paint baking work within few minutes, no dust matter
6. Pre-heat function will prevent moisture and mist

1. Single phase: 220V 5/10A 50Hz 1100W
2. Baking Square: 800*500mm
3. Temperature: 40-75 degree
4. Set Time: 0min-60min