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Infrared products can be changed into standard infrared data communicational interface through standard USB interface. They apply for any cell phone with infrared interface. You can download pictures, rings and java applets to your cell phone freely with them.

Support warm insert and unplug; plug and play

Be compatible with IRDA ; comply with USB1.1 standard

Support three modes including SIR (2.4Kbps 1115.2Kbps) , MIR (576Kbps 11152Kbps) and FIR (4Mbps)

No exterior power is needed; support high-speed infrared mode (the upper limit is 4M)
Actualize wireless connection among all kinds of electronic products like PC, PDA, digital camera, cell phone and scanner.

One meter is the longest data transmission distance and the maximum acceptance angle is 30

Be compatible with Macintosh

Supporting cell phone includes

Ericsson Nokia





Sony Ericsson (provide drivers)