Sell Infrared hand massager

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I) Make hands more beautiful by vibration and far infrared massage
1. Keep hand cream better absorbed into hand surface, activate cell renewal, diminish wrinkles
2. Lessen pores and restore skin elasticity
3. Keep skin moisture and your hands will appear shinny and sleek as jade
4. Speed blood circulation and prevent hands from dry and wrinkles
5. Accelerate cell split, absorb more oxygen and hands become smooth and beautiful
6. Blood vessel expansion to eliminate surplus fat and improve skin micro  circulation
7. Eliminate skin toxin and strengthen skins capacity of anti-oxidization

II) Accelerate hand and body blood circulation by far infrared

III) Through vibration massage on nerve fibers of hands to mediate body meridian and eliminate fatigue

A. Temperature controlled, easy to operate
B. Low-voltage, safe and reliable
C. Design comfortable and beautiful

Technical Target:
Input voltage: 24V AC
Power rate: <= 30 W
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Terms of Payment