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Performance characteristic:
Infrared mastopathia analyzer is mainly applied to checking and discover several of diseases with women's galactophore. It makes use of infrared light with wave of 0.8-65m to transilluminate the galatophore. Through CCD pickup camera to incept the pictures and show the pathological part of the galactophore tissue condition on the screen, supplying exact basis for the doctors to diagnose kinds of diseases, especially offer an insight to the earlier findings. It is very suitable for health agency of large, middle and small scale to use.

Offering dynamic storeroom of 50 pieces/breadth. Displaying 6breadths at the same time and can choose any piece by freely shifting.
Image processing function: replicating, zooming, negative image, boosting up, mirror of all directions, recovering etc.
32 sets of encoding forge color and dynamic filtering mirror function.

Using the mouse to circle out the focus can measure perimeter and area with exact figures.
The pictures of palactophore, materials of patients and the examination results can be preserved together, storing 400,000 case histories.
Simple way to check out the case histories with fast speed, archives managing is convenient for users to add, delete or amend the content.

Photo effect color print report, multi print modes for choice, you can also design print result.

It supports Internet.

All button operation: Windows XP English environment, it just needs you to push the function button on the screen to complete all operations and stay the mouse hand half second on the button, you can get Chinese hint.

Computer configuration:

Mainframe: Pentium IV CPU, 512M and above EMS memory, 40G and above hard disc

Camera: resolving rate>=430TVL CCD;

Display: 1024*768,17" purely plane colored display;

Printer: imported colored spray-ink printer;

Infrared probe: power 15W, brightness is stepless and adjustable;

Inner-placed medical image digital conversion;

Software: infrared galactophore diagnosis system program;

Foot step frame-set Switch.

Optional components:

Automatic zooming lens;

Electric cradle head

Standard lens;