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-Precision optics for accurate non-contact temperature measurement
-Temperature ranges from -32 up to 7600C
-Fast 0.3 second scanning of cold and hot spots
-Exact measurement of objects as small as 13 mm in any distance less than 140 mm
-Optical resolutions up to 40:1
-Laser sighting with narrow beam aiming for accurate readings
-Adjustable acoustic HIGH-/LOW-alarm
-USB interface, thermocouple input type K, software
-Extremely lightweight

Smart flyweights with high precision optics
A wide temperature range of 320C to 7600C. laser aiming and optical resolution of up to 40:1 allow technicians to carry out accurate non-contact surface measurements for electrical and mechanical maintenance, HVAC checks, automotive testing and other applications, anywhere that temperature is a factor.
The Minisight and MinisightPlus enable you to measure objects as small as 13 mm. Just spot the object, press the trigger and the infrared thermometers will show the temperature in an instant. Functions like MAX and MIN temperature results are shown in the display right away.
MiniSightPlus: OFFSET and HOLD make measure-ments smart. Object emissivities can be adjusted even after the measurement was taken.
MiniSightPro: Data memory, integrated USB interface and software support data storage, data processing and reporting on PC.

Temperature range:
MS: -32Deg. Cto 420Deg. C (-20Deg. F to 788Deg. F)
MS+: -32Deg. C to 530Deg. C (-20Deg. F to 980Deg. F)
MSPRO: -32Deg. C to 760Deg. C (-20Deg. Fto 1440Deg. F)
System accuracy : +/-1Deg. C +/-0.07Deg. C/Deg. C from 0Deg. C to -32Deg. C
MS: +/-1% or +/-1Deg. C from 0Deg. C to 420Deg. C
MS+: +/-1% or +/-1Deg. C from 0Deg. C to 530Deg. C
MSPRO: +/-1% or +/-1Deg. C from 0Deg. C to 760Deg. C
MS: +/-0.5% or +/-0.7Deg. Cfrom 0Deg. C to 420Deg. C
+/-0.7Deg. C +/- 0.05Deg. C/Deg. C from 0Deg. C to -32Deg. C
MS+: +/-0.5% or +/-0.7Deg. C from 0Deg. C to 530Deg. C
+/- 0.7Deg. C+/- 0.05Deg. C/Deg. C from 0Deg. C to -32Deg. C
MSPRO: +/-0.75% or +/-0.75Deg. C from 0Deg. C to 760Deg. C
+/- 0.75Deg. C +/- 0.07Deg. C/Deg. C from 0Deg. C to -32Deg. C
Optical resolution (D:S)
MS, MS+: 20:1, 13 mm spot size in <=140 mm
MSPRO: 40:1, 50mm@2000mm
Resolution (display) :
MS: 0.2Deg. C (0.5Deg. F)
MS+, MSPRO: 0.1Deg. C (0.1Deg. F)
Response time (95%) :300 ms
Ambient temperature :0Deg. C to 50Deg. C
Storage temperature : -20Deg. C to 60Deg. C without battery
Spectral range : 8-14 5m
Emissivity :
MS: fixed: 0.95;
MS+: 0.100 -1.000 adjustable ;
MSPRO: 0.100-1.500 adjustable
MS : Min/Max/Hold/Deg. C/Deg. F
MS+, MSPRO: Min/Max/Hold/Deg. C/Deg. F/Offset
Alarm functions:
MS: N/A;
MS+, MSPRO: Visual and acoustic HIGH-/LOW-alarm
PC Interface, Software, Thermocouple Input:
MS, MS+:N/A,
MSPRO:USB interface, Optrisconnect software, thermocouple element type K
Laser :
MS, MS+:<1 mW laser class IIa, laser beam with 9 mm offset
MSPRO:<1 mW 650 nm laser class Iia
MS, MS+:150 g, 190 x 38 x 45 mm
MSPRO:180 g; 190 x 38 x 45 mm
Battery:9 V alkaline battery
Battery life: 20 hours with laser and backlight on 50%
40 hours with laser and backlight off
Relative humidity:
10-95 % RH non condensing, at <30Deg. C ambient temperature
Standard accessories:
MS:N/A, MS+, MSPRO:Soft pouch, wrist strap
Options :Calibration certificate
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
190 x 38 x 45 mm
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
Power Requirements
9 v
Terms of Sale
FOB shenzhen or Hongkong