Sell Infusion Pump

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The disposable infusion pump is a safe, effective and durable micro injector, which is driven by the balanced contraction of the medical silicone rubber reservoir, with the flow rate controlled by the flow rate controlling tubing. Besides the continued infusion, the product allows the patients to administer their own pain relief by pressing the button of PCA (Patients Controlled Analgesia) set. The product is mainly used in the analgesia after surgical operations or childbirth, in the therapy of chronic pains, in the analgesia for malicious tumor as well as some other therapies that involve the self-controlled micro injections. Currently there are 39 models of this product to meet the different needs of the patients.
Type Volume:60ml,100ml,200ml,275ml, etc.

Flow Rating:1.0ml/h,2.0 ml/h ,4.0ml/h

Controlling:0.5ml/15min, 1.0ml/15min, 2.0ml/15min,