Sell Infusion drip controller(KZY-509)

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The drip controller:

A. Auto-adjust the infusing speed according to the set requirement.
B. Set the total infusing volume and time, auto-calculate the dripping speed and auto-adjust.
C. Set the total infusing volume and speed duration of the whole infusion.
D. According to the set warning volume, auto-alarm and remind medical staff of changing the bottle or going on other operation when the liquid reaches the warning volume.
E. After finishing the infusion, it can stop the infusion besides alarming.
F. During infusion, if the infusing fault happens, it will autoalarm the medical staff to deal with it in time.
G. During infusion according to the patien's condition and the requirement of drug, it can change the original set parameters at all times.
H. During infusion, it can check the current infusing speed, the infused volume and the duration spent at any time.
I. During infusion, it can restore the original set parameters. After finishing infusion, it can check the infusing speed,
J. Total veolume and the consumed time for this time. It will benefit to the clinical records.

Name of the Product: Multifunctional drip control instrument
Type: KZY-509
Ransfusion Method: Free falling
Setting Limit: Dripping speed: 1 drop/m-120drops/m
The total dosage: 1ml-5000ml
Hours: 1 minute-24hours
Warning: 5ml-500ml
Precision: +-2% over 10 drops/minute time
+-1 less than 10 drops/minute time
Controlling Method: Infrared monitoring, electric automatic valve control
Power Consumption: 0.9VA
The Power Supply: Available for both direct and alternating current AC 220V50HZ DC 4.8/100mAH
Appearance and Size: 110Lx82Wx37H(mm)
Weight: 200g(including battery)