Sell Injectable Packing(White)

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XHC-1016 Injectable Packing(White)


It can be applied for sealing of valves and pumps in industry fields such as industrial chemicals, food, water, medicament, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industries, chemical fertilizer, generate electricity, papermaking, water treatment, etc.


1. This kind of seal packing is made by the composition of white PTEE fiber and lubricant attested by the FDA Certification; it is non-polluted, nontoxic and conforming to the food grade. It changed the mode of packing seal which takes packing as its main body, without limitation of specification, so it is suitable for all of the packing seal devices in factories.
2. There is no rigorous requirement on accuracy of the packing box and the shaft, and it is especially suitable for the seal of the worn shaft.

Technical parameter:

Temperature 1600
Pressure 1MPa
linear velocity 2m/s
PH Value 2-12