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ZJS Series Plastic Injection Molding Machine is our latest product manufactured with the most advanced technology and tens of years of experience. All of its hydraulic and electric components purchased from renowned suppliers, plus elaborate design and production, enable the machine to have perfect performance, which appealed to users as soon as it was introduced into the market.

(1) Screw of a large L/D ratio and adjustable backpressure ensure plasticizing quality and capacity;

(2) The screw is directly driven by a low-speed, high-torque, radial piston hydraulic motor, applying to all kinds of plastics;

(3) Multi-stage injection speed and holding pressure apply to various complicated molds and processing requirements;
4) High strength mould plate and double-toggle five-point clamping mechanism, rapid and smooth mould-moving, reliable mould-locking;

(5) Large mould can be accommodated due to the increase of the mould opening stroke, the mould thickness and the space between the tie bars;

(6) Low-pressure, low-speed clamping protection device and the alarms for various faults;

(7) High strength tie bars with perfect rigidity and endurance