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Willett 430
Small Character Continuous Ink Jet Printer
The 430 is for industrial users who need a competitively priced printer whilst demanding the latest in ink jet technology. The 430 incorporates a new patented printhead design which delivers class leading reliability and print quality.
Push button start/stop with automatic printhead cleaning
High speed printing of up to 3 lines of text, barcodes and logos
On screen generation and editing of graphics and logos through an easy-to-use interface
Range of quick drying low environmental impact inks
Easy to operate and maintain
Storage for up to 25 messages
Fully compatible Connector software
Willett 430
Small character Continuous Ink Jet Printer Technical Specification
Standard Features:
Shift coding
Maintenance due indicator
Simple WYSIWYG message creation
Up to 3 lines of code
Automatic printhead flushing during start up and shut down
Local language message editing and display
Logo and graphics creation
Password protection system
Sequential numbering
Continuous print capability
Current and expiry time and date coding
10 feet (3 metre) printhead umbilical
Barcode printing
Optimum throw distance .36inch (9mm)
QWERTY keypad
Simple push button operation
25 message memory
Multi-national character printing
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