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Inmarsat Encryptor-portable encryption device (StratignCV-M) provides an answer to security concerns in mobile networks. The handset accommodates a standard PC Card interface, allowing a variety of mobile telephone and modem modules to be used.
The unit includes radiation shielding and tamper sensing to complement the strong cryptographic security.
StratignCV-M is fully interoperable with other members of the StratignCV product range. The Management Support System provides tremendous flexibility in assigning privileges and security restrictions to different individuals in an organization.

StratignCV-M Portable encryption Device now provides secure voice and data communications on the move. GSM and INMARSAT are fully supported.
Inmarsat Encryption system inter-operates with Stratign PSTN units, enabling the creation of networks of mobile and fixed users.
The voice digitizing system uses state-of-the-art coding algorithms to provide the user with normal telephone voice quality. Caller voice recognition and easy conversation are routine, even in secure mode.
High grade data confidentiality and integrity are achieved by software encryption. Customer specified cryptographic algorithms can be supported.

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