Sell Innovated Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Filter(LD-FA 10)

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The Luxury seven filtrating mandril countertop water purifier adopts high-precise and pure-physical filtration technics. The filtrating precision can reach to 0.01 micron, so it can get rid of the silt, rust, bacteria, colloid, alga, rust particles, giant molecule organism, etc. And effectively keep the helpful mineral and microelement in the water. Finally the purified water can be drunk directly.

No need of electricity or pressure, just filtrating by the pressure of the tap water, no waste water in the purifying process, safe and energy saving.

Compared with Traditional Single Filtrating Mandril, Seven Hole has been made great innovation , the Uselife will be achieved to 5 years , the filtration precise will be more better, and moreover, it will be never broken.

Product Model: LD-Fa 10
Filtration technics: Seven filtrating mandril ultrafiltration membrane
Filtration precision: 0.01 micron
Crust material: 304 stainless steel
Outer shape dimension: 162*420mm
The maximum water flow rate: 1000L/H (Litre/HOUR)
Inlet and outlet pipes: 1/2" pipe thread
Drain pipes : 1/2" pipe thread
Water source: Municipal tap water
Influx water pressure : 0.1-0.3 MPa
Applicable temperature: 4-38:C Useful life : >=FIVE years ( when the unpurified water comes from city tap water, the filter core use life is different according to the different water quality, but the use life is not below 5 years.