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Wind-Up Cell Phone Charger

 For quick and easy recharging of cell phones, especially in areas where there is no electrical power source. With this charger, there is never a need for extra batteries or a plug-in power supply. You simply connect it to your cell phone and wind the handle to charge the phone anywhere, anytime.
 Depending on the phone, 3 minutes of winding will give you from 2 to 10 minutes of talk time and up to 120 minutes of standby time.
 It is compatible with, and comes with the adaptors for many different makes of cell phones.
 Its one of the worlds smallest, lightest, and most powerful portable cell phone chargers, about the size of a deck of cards (4.5 x 6.0 x 3.0 cm) and weighing only 71Grams (2= Ounces)  thus it fits snugly into your pocket, briefcase or handbag.
 A useful feature of this charger is the built-in LED flashlight which gives you about 5 minutes of light from only about 30 seconds of winding, enough light to read or walk with at night.
 This is an innovative, environmentally-friendly, portable emergency power solution that may be used for personal or business purposes - charging other peoples phones.
 It is a very affordable must-have for anyone who has ever been, or might someday be, in the frustrating situation of having a flat cell phone battery that cant be recharged due to the absence of electricity e. g. when camping, travelling. It is also an excellent festive season gift for anyone, anywhere, including kids who might use it as a business tool to charge other kids cell phones at school.