Cooperate Innovative Wall Material- Sandstones

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Introduction of excellent Wall Material

We take this liberty to introduce to you our excellent products - Soften Sandstones, Soften Grain Sandstones, Carving Stones- products with all features of sandstones but at competitive cost.

JUST Sandstone is also widely used in wall decoration . Sandstone is found ideal for this purpose since it is fine grained, compact, quite hard, has good compressive strength and low absorption property.
Our products are produced by a selection of natural stone grain, mixed with various resins. They have been used for over hundreds designers for wall cladding not only because of their strength but because of their decorative look also.

As a professional manufacturer of Environmentalistic Soften Sandstones and Grain Stones of the world, we are fully confident in our product features:, including
Light Weight , Assorted Color , Safety Light weight and flexibile , Weather Proof , Easy to apply, Big size wall decoration , Competitive pricing , Working time saving , Salt water , acid and Alkali resistance 24 hurs .

We welcome your any inquiry for our products.
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