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We are offering high quality Calcium Carbide 290L/Kg min, Calcium Cyanamide 20% , DICYANDIAMIDE, Strontium Carbonate 97% min, Thiourea 99% min product with great price.

Calcium Carbide 290L/Kg min. A grayish-black crystalline compound, CaC2, obtained by heating pulverized limestone or quicklime with carbon and used to generate acetylene gas, as a dehydrating agent, and in the manufacture of graphite and hydrogen. $434/mt FOB China ,100kg drums .
CAS no.75-20-7

Calcium Cyanamide 20% min , A gray-black compound, CaCN2, used as a fertilizer and weed killer. $412/mt FOB China ,25kg / 40kg net bags . CAS no. 156-62-7

Strontium Carbonate 97% min, is a mineral consisting of strontium carbonate. This mineral is white, greenish, or yellowish in color, usually occurring in fibrous massive forms, but sometimes in prismatic crystals, $415/mt FOB China ,25kg net bags. CAS no.1633-052

Thiourea 99% min , A lustrous white crystalline compound, (NH2)2CS, used as a developer in photography and photocopying and in various organic syntheses. Also called thiocarbamide. $1130/mt FOB China ,25kg net bags.
CAS no.62-56-6