Sell Inorganic Fibers Sraying Mineral Wool

Inorganic Fibers Sraying Mineral Wool
Product Introduction:
Inorganic fibers spraying mineral wool is a kind of wool fiber made by centrifugal method.The fiber-specific spray wool and matching adhesive through special fiber spraying equipment spraying in the construction and locomotives,ships and other substrate surface.No hanging parts,support and so on. The natural drying to form a certain strength and thickness of the seamless,the overall stability of the closed spraying coating.The natural layer presents a natural texture and fiber,with thermal insulation,damping noise,noise absorption,A-class fire of the outstanding feature of the construction of efficient and efficient.Especially for heterosexual complex structure, the color according to design requirements,free matching,an increase of indoor aesthetics.
It is special process in advance through the manufacture of inorganic microfiber cotton and water-based adhesive unique blend,with non-toxic,resistant acid,anti-aging,antibacterial and other characteristics,and performance is stability and lasting.These materials through special matching spraying equipment,the internal fiber interwoven adhesion together to form a certain strength and toughness of the extremely complex three-dimensional network structure.Showing excellent insulation performance and excellent sound absorption and sound insulation performance,and anti-condensation,anti-wind erosion,not drift,adhesion and other functions. Its comprehensive characteristics of the traditional thermal insulation material can not be substrate to be protected to form a coating.

Production Process:
Material--Melting furnace--Centrifuge--Wool Machine-- Granulator -- Air Cylinder-- Roller Screen --Small Packaging Machine --Big Packaging Machine

Product Usage:
Construction use:Inorganic fiber mineral wool can be used in the construction of steel structure,concrete,and wood structure of the roof,walls and curtain wall, underground garage, room ceiling insulation spray coating box filled with insulation insulation spray coating box filled with insulation ;mineral wool board,felt,rolls and other products,but also for industrial pipe insulation,can be widely used in construction.
Industrial use:inorganic fiber mineral wool mineral wool can be used as the main raw material of sound-absorbing panels can be used for industrial products,wear-resistant,toughening and other added material.
Agricultural use:through the processing of raw wool into a granular particulate `sterile material for horticultural cultivation and improved soil use.

Product Package:
20KG/bag, Package size:60*40*30cm
1.Domestic:According the order quantity to arrange shipping or the customer contact transport.

Company Profile:
Puyang SOV Glass Fiber Co.,Ltd specializes in providing high-quality fire insulation,sound-absorbing noise reduction fiber coating products and technology for customers.We always maintains close cooperation with international fiber spraying company
Technology and innovation to promote our product growth,to declare invention patents and independent intellectual property rights of more than 10 items, and participated in the development of ultra-fine inorganic fiber coating of national standards and a number of local standards.We has 10 years of experience in fiber spraying construction,and participated in the development of ultra-fine inorganic fiber coating of national standards and a number of local standards.

We firmly believe if enterprises without core technology, without backbone. Without technological innovation,without soul.all along,we mind vision,shoulder the mission.Always focus on the field of inorganic fiber coating,With product quality and leading technology to win customers and partners respect.We take the inorganic fiber coating system solutions to all customers.We will pass the passion of innovation to every employee,to achieve our goals,committed to creating a more environmentally friendly and comfortable living space of this noble cause,This is the era of our responsibility and mission
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