Sell Inositol NF12

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M. F. : C6H12O6 =180.16

Property: White rime or crystal powder; no smell; sweet taste; soluble in water; slightly soluble in ethanol; insoluble in chloroform and aether. Its water solution has no opticity.

Use: Vitamine drugs and blood-lipid lowering drugs; Enhance the metastasis of fat in liver and other tissues. Assist the treatment of fatty liver and hyperlipemia. It is also widely used in food and feedstuff additives.

Standards: USA NF-12 Codex Standard, FCC Edition. Disinfection can be conducted according to customers' demands.

Packing: 25kg paper or iron drum, lined with polyethylene bag or paper bag.

Reservation: Sealed storage in ventilated and dry place.