Sell Inovated Antibacterial Eye Mask

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Antibacterial EYE MASK, Inovated and Patented
No side effect Blinkable while you wear it.

This is not only norm, al eye mask but value-added mask
applied with philosophy of pin-hole.

Now on being launched with great repute and sale.

Everybody who is nearsighted, far sighted or has presbyopia can

1) see without eyeglass and contact lens through
five special 0.8 mm size holes on right and left.
2) relux and stretch eye muscle, and circulate well blood around muscle
to remove tired muscle.
3) help to improve nearly by 0.5 the eyesight
only with daily exercise, three times per day, morning noon and evening
and three to ten minutes per each.
4) protect the dry eye, and prevent against eye illness

Wear casual mask and just try it while you are watching
Television, playing TV games, or uing personal computer.

China decided to adopt it for the peoples entering school.
Now seeking the distributors in your area because we are to make
English version.