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Common name: O-Sec-butylphenol
Boiling Point: 227~2380C
Solidifying Point: 16.070C
Index of refraction: 1.5182
Density: 0.9907g/ml
Solubility: Solubility in water 0.3g/100g water
Quality standard
Item GradeA Qualifiedproduct
Purity 99.0%min 98.5%
Water 0.1%max 0.1%max

Main use:
It is used in the synthesis of pesticide such as fenobucarb BPMC and some medicine.
200kg/iron drum or 20MT/tank
Common name: Benzofuranol
Chemical name: 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-7-hydroxybenxofuranol
Formula: C10H12O2
Boiling point: 133.60C/26658Pa 1040C/5332Pa
It`s soluble in the organic solutions as benzene, toluene, methanol, ethanol, cholroform. Slightly soluble in water at room temperature.
It`s stable in normal circumstance. But it can be oxided and change the colourless to brown during the long period exposion in the air.

Super grade Grade A
Purity: 99.0%min. 98.5%min.
Water: 0.1%max. 0.1%max.

Main use:
For the synthesis of pesticide as carbofuran, carbosulfan, etc.
200kg/iron drum

Common name: Carbofuran
Chemical name: 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-7-benzofuranyl-N-Methylcarbamate
Main uses:
Carbofuran is a carbamate insecticide to kill pests, mites, nematodes with high activity and toxicity, long-term effects, broad spectrum and no residue. It can kill more than 300 kinds of pests in the soil or on the surface of the ground for cotton, rice, sugarcane, maize, peanut, soybean, tobacco, etc. Meanwhile it can accelerate crops growth and shorten growth period.
1 97%TC Purity 97% min.
Free phenol 0.3% max.
Water 0.5% max.
Acidity 0.05% max.
Purity 97% min.
2 75%DB free phenol 0.3% max.
Water 1.5% max.
PH range 6~9

97%TC, 75%DB, 3%G, 5%G, 10%G
Acute oral for male rat LD50>11.7mg/kg
Acute percutaneous for male rats
100kg/iron drum

Common name: Carbosulfan
Chemical name: (2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-7-benzofuranyl) -N-Dibutylaminothio-N-methylcarbamate
Main uses:
Carbosulfan is a low toxic derivative from Carbofuran. It can kill pests and mites with broad spectrum, strong and quick effect, stomach and contact action. It is safe to crops and effective to both pests and larva by good fatsolubility and systemic properties, low residue and long-term effect. It is used to protect citrus, vegetable, maize, cotton, rice, sugarcane, etc. Especially good result can be got for killing aphids.

Item 90%TC 20%EC
Purity 90% min 20% min
Carbofuran 2.5%max 0.5% max
Water 0.5% max 0.4% max
Stablizer 5% max 7% max
Other 0.5% max 0.5% max

20%EC Acute oral for rats LD50>96.7%mg/kg
Acute percutaneous for rats LD50>2000mg/kg

200L/iron drum

Common name: Propoxur
Chemical name: 2-(1-methyl ethoxy) phenyl-N-methylcarbamate
Main uses:

propoxur is one of the best sanitary insecticides approved and recommended by WHO. It is widely used to kill all pests in house and public area, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ants, fleas, louses, bedbugs, etc. It has contact, stomach and fumigation action with broad spectrum, long residual activity and quick knockdown effect. It is specialy effective on rice leaf hoppers and plant hoppers. Propoxur can be formulated to EC, aerosol, granules, ect.

Item 98%TC 20%EC
Purity 98% min 20% min
Free phenol 0.2% max
Water 0.2% max 0.55max 0.5%max
Acidity 0.05% max 0.01~0.1%max

Toxicity: Acute oral for rats LD50 90~128mg/kg
Acute percutaneous for rats LD50 800~1000mg/kg
Package: 25kg/iron drum
Common name: Fenobucarb BPMC
Chemical name: O-sec-butylphenyl-N-methylcarbamate
Main uses:
BPMC can kill leafhopper, planthopper, aphids of paddy, tea, sugarcane, wheat, pumpkin, eggplant by strong contact, stomach, fumigation action. It also can kill cotton bollworms, cotton aphids, mosquitoes, files. For leafhopper, planthopper it has special quick and strong effect. BPMC can be formulated to EC and Granules.

Item 97%TC 80% EC 20% EC
Content of AI 97% min 80% min 20% min
Water 0.3% max 0.5% max 0.5% max
Acidity0.05% max
FStability Qualified Qualified

Acute oral for rats LD50>624mg/kg
Acute percutaneous for rats LD50>5000mg/kg

100kg/iron drum for TC
200kg/iron drum for EC
Common name: Isoprocarb MIPC
Chemical name: 2-isopropylphenyl-N-methylcarbamate
Main uses:
MIPC is a cholinesterase inhibitor. It is the insecticide of contact and stomach action with quick-effect and short residual period. It can kill hoppers, aphids, bedbugs of rice, coco, vegetable, sugarcane and other crops. It can be formulated into WP, EC, Granules, etc.

Item 97%TC 20%EC
Purity 97%min 20%min
Free phenol 0.5%max
Water 0.5%max 0.5%max

Acute oral for rats LD50>450mg/kg
Acute percutaneous for rats LD50>500mg/kg

50kg/woven bag

Common name: Carbaryl
Chemical name: 1-Naphthyl-N-methylcarbamate
Main uses:
Carbaryl is a cholinesterase inhibitor with Contact, stomach action and slight systemic properties. It can be used to kill Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and other chewing and sucking insects on more than 120 different crops. The crops include: vegetable, mango, banana, strawberry, nut, grape, olive, peanut, soybean, cotton, rice, tobacco, cereal, maize, potato, ornamentals, forestry, etc. It can kill earthworms in the turf and animal ectoparasites. It can also be used as the growth regulator for apple tree.

Purity 99% min
Free phenol 0.3% max

Acute oral for rats LD50>850mg/kg
Acute percutaneous for rats LD50>400mg/kg

20kg/woven bag

Common name: Dimethoate
Chemical name: O, O-Dimethyl-S-(CN-Methylcarbamate) Thiothosphate
Main uses:
Dimethoate is a Cholinesterase inhibitor with contact and stomach action. It is widely used to protect citrus, cotton, grape, olive, potato, soybean, tobacco, vegetable to kill mites, aphids, etc. Flies in livestock shed can be controlled by the application of dimethoate.

Item 98% 40%EC
Purity 98% min 40% min
Water 0.5% max 0.5% max
Acidity 0.3% max 0.3% max
Stability Qualified Qualified

Acute oral for rats LD50 320~380mg/kg
200kg/iron drum

Common name: Pirimiphos-methyl(BSI, E-ISO)
Chemical name: O-dimthylamina-6-methylpyrimidin-4-YL-phosphorothioate
Main uses:
It`s an organic phosphate insecticide and acaricide with high effect, low to ricity, broad spectrum and rapid effecti, As well as stomach contact and fumigation action. The conduction make it possible to permeat to leaf organization. It`s widely used for the protection of storehouse, crop and for the sanitation of family and public area. In addition it has rapid knock-down effect, it inhibits fungus growing and sterilize bateria. It`s an idea low toxicity organic phosphate pesticide to replace high toxicity organic phosphate pesticide.

90%(m/m) min.
200KG/iron drum

Common name: Thiophanate-methyl
Chemical name: Dimethyl 4,4-(O-phentlene) bis(3-htioalloph-Anate)
Main uses:
Thiphanate-methyl is systemic fungicide to cure diseases and protect plants. it is easy to be absorbed by roots and leaves. The dosage is 30~50g/ha(ai) , It is broad-spectrum to control fungus, such as eyespot and otherdiseases, Gloeosporium rot on apples, Monilia spp on stone fruit, canker on fruit trees, Botrytis and Sclerotinia spp on various crops, leaf spot disease on beet, oilseed rape, celery, celeriac, etc. club root on brassicas, dollar lpot, corticium, and fusarium spp on ston fruit, Grey mould in vines, pyricularia dryzae in rice, diseases in bananas, and many diseases in floriculture. It is also used on almonds, pecans, tea, Coffee, ground nuts soybeans, etc. Additionally it can cure the wound of trees cuts.

Purity 95%min
Melting point 1720C
50%WP 70%WP
Acute oral for rats LD50>7500mg/kg
Acute percutaneors LD50>10000mg/kg
25kg/woven bag

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