Sell Insert bearings

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Inster bearings:

1. Series of SA203-215, SB203-215, UC203-215, NA203-215
2. Widly used in mine machines, metallury, textile machines, farm machines, etc.
3. Be Self-aligning, Easily Mounted & Dismounted

SA203, SA204, SA204-12, SA205, SA205-14, SA205-15, SA205-16, SA206, SA206-18, SA206-19, SA206-20, SA207, SA207-20, SA207-21, SA207-22, SA207-23, SA208, SA208-24, SA208-25. . .

SB203, SB204, SB204-12, SB205, SB205-14, SB205-15, SB205-16, SB206, SB206-18, SB206-19, SB206-20, SB207, SB207-20, SB207-21, SB207-22, SB207-23, SB208, SB208-24, SB208-25. . .

UC203, UC204, UC204-12, UC205, UC205-14, UC205-15, Uc205-16, Uc206, Uc206-18, Uc206-19, Uc206-20, Uc207, Uc207-20, Uc207-21, Uc207-22, Uc207-23, Uc208, Uc208-24, Uc208-25, Uc209, Uc209-26, Uc209-27, Uc209-28, Uc210, Uc210-30, Uc210-31. . .

NA203, NA204, NA204-12, NA205, NA205-14, NA205-15, NA205-16, NA206, NA206-18, NA206-19, NA206-20, NA207, NA207-20, NA207-21, NA207-22, NA207-23, NA208, NA208-24, NA208-25, NA209-26, NA209-27, NA209-28, NA210, NA210-30, NA210-31, NA211, NA211-32, NA211-34, NA211-35. . .

Housings: PF, FL, TFC, PH, PA, FB, FA, PLF, FD, PP, PFL
Material: Chrome steel(GCr15)
Quatity: Small order acceptable

*We can also manufactur bearings as per your drawings or samples.
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