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HYBOND instant sealants are new generation of modified a-cyanoacrylate adhesives, it has various of viscosity, cure speed and filing gap, Has excellent compatibility with the bonding materials, for fast bonding most materials such as metal, rubber, plastic, glass, leather, wood, ceramic and so on.
1: HYBOND 401 Instant Sealant
General purpose, medium viscosity, Used on inertia surface, bonding acid, absorptive and porosity materials, Suitable for the insensitive and coarse surface.
2: HYBOND 406 Instant Sealant
General purpose, low viscosity, suitable for the inertia surface, bonding acid, soft and porosity materials
3: HYBOND 460 Instant Sealant
Low whitened, low viscosity, low odor, The spare parts is clear, unpolluted after being bonded
4: HYBOND 496 Instant Sealant
Medium viscosity, rapid curing, bonding metal
5: HYBOND 480 Instant Sealant
Bonding rubber firmly, medium viscosity, resistant to vibration and hot condition
6: HYBOND 403 Instant Sealant
Low odor, Low whitened, Resistant humidity well, used in bonding of non-smart assemble parts
7: HYBOND 380 Instant Sealant
Bonding metal, rubber and plastics, Resistant to vibration, high lap shear
8: HYBOND 868 Instant Sealant
General purpose, medium viscosity, bonding oak, metal and plastics. Gap fill up to 0.1mm
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