Sell Instant Cold Compress

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The cold packs are used to reduce inflammation and swelling by lowering skin temperature. It also helps to relieve pain by numbing injured tissues and reducing muscle spasms. This product is ideal for sprains, strains, contusions, minor burns, toothaches, simple headaches, insect bites and many first aid needs.

Usage: With a simple squeeze of the compress (break the inner liquid pouch to mix liquid and harmless chemical) , the pouch contents become cold immediately and remains cold 15~40 minutes and achieves a low temperature of 25F.

Single use cold application without the drippy mess of ice cubes.
Needs no refrigeration, convenient and portable, for use whenever and wherever cold therapy is needed. Primary usage is for outdoor activity injuries and first aid.

Item Number Description Net Weight (Gross) Packaging
ICE1056 5X6 105g(108g) 125pcs/ctn
ICE1057 5X7 140g(144g) 80pcs/ctn
ICE1069 6X9 260g(266g) 50pcs/ctn
Supply Capacity
80000Pcs Per Day