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Function:The hot packs are used on injuries after inflammation and swelling has subsided. Hot therapy usually follows cold therapy. These compresses are a good solution to relieve minor muscle and rheumatic pain, joint pain, stiffness and muscle spasms.

Usage: Simply squeeze the pouch like the instant cold compress. Instant hot compress can last approximately 15~30 minutes and reaches a high temperature of 130F.

Product provides heat on its own after activation. Convenient and portable, for use whenever and wherever hot therapy is needed.

Item Number Description Net Weight (Gross) Packaging
HOT2056 5X6 80g(83g) 125pcs/ctn
HOT2057 5X7 125g(129g) 80pcs/ctn
HOT2069 6X9 218g(224g) 50pcs/ctn
Supply Capacity
80000Pcs Per Day