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Range Of Application:
It reduces pain, relieves swelling and expedites recovery for sprains, slight bumps and dislocation of bone joints. It can lower temperature from fevers, relieve pain from toothache and relieve itchiness from insect bites. It can reduce the incidence of bruising.
 For external use only. Adult supervision recommended.
 Do not puncture. If bag breaks and fluid contacts skin, or eyes, immediately flush area with large amounts of water.
 Do not swallow contents. If contents accidentally swallowed drink large amounts of water (not milk) and contact Poison Control Centre or physician.
 Cold therapy should not be used by individuals with circulatory problems, unless under the direct supervision of a physician.
Instructions for Use:
1. Locate inner liquid pouch squeeze firmly to rupture
2. Shake to mix contents
3. Apply to patient
4. Discard it
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