Sell Instant Tea Powder

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------ 100% soluble in water, ultra- membrane filtration with relatively light color and strong green tea flavor, the polyphenols is NLT30%, its polyphenols & catechins have a strong effect in anti-oxidation and physiological activity, with large quantities of applications and are most suitable for popular healthy green tea food or beverage use.
Appearance & Color
Fine light yellow powder
Odor & Taste
Clean and pure green tea aroma, yellow bright liquor color, with mellow and brisk flavor.
100% soluble in room temperature water
Shelf Life
2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.
* Beverage industry
* Health food additive (cake, bread, snack, ice-cream, candy etc. )
Additive amount recommended
* Pure tea, fruit or milk tea beverage: 0.20%~0.30% (w/v)
* Ice tea drink: 0.10%~0.15% (w/v)