Sell Insulated Glass

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Insulated Glass:
Insulated glass in a multi-glass combination consisting of two or more panes enclosing a hermetically-sealed air space. The most important function of insulation glass can reduce thermal loss, achieve lower energy consumption and good transparency.
Max. Size(mm) : 2500W6000 Min. Size(mm) : 300W300 Productivity/Day(Sq meters) : 300

Laminated Glass:
Laminated glass in general is composed of two pieces of glass and Polyvinyl Butyral in between, or three pieces of glass and two layers of Polyvinyl Butyral in between, more layers are also possible. The substrate of laminated glass can be common plating glass, or tempered glass, heat tempered glass, film coating glass, heat curved glass, etc. The intermediate organic material is PVB in common. Laminated glass might crack upon impact, but the glass fragments tend to adhere to PVB instead of falling free and potentially causing injury.
Max. Size(mm) : 2500W6000 Min. Size(mm) : 300W300 Max. Thickness (mm) : 80
Productivity/Day(Sq meters) : 300

Tempered Glass:
The treatment process of tempered glass is as: When heating glass close molten point, to carry out furnace and rapid cooling treatment on the surface of glass to produce compression stress while it is tension stress inside the glass, thus enhancing the strength and thermal stability. The glass will break into cellular pieces when the external force exceeds its strength. It is hence a highly safety glass.
Max. Size (mm) :2440W5000 Min. Size (mm) :300W300 Thickness (mm) : 3-21
Productivity/Day (Sq meters) : 1000

Heat Curved Glass:
Heat Curved Glass is manufactured by hearting the glass to softening point, forming into required curves in special auto-adjustable global models and then cooling and tempering. Heat curved glass becomes more and more popular for interior and exterior of building facade, corner windows, skylights, display windows and interior decorations.
Max. Size: 1600W2200 Min. Size (mm) : 300*W300 Thickness (mm) : 4-21 Arc (mm) : According to customers requirement Productivity/Day (Sq meters) : 100

Ceramic Frit Glass:
Ceramic frit glass is tempered glass with 1 surface fully or partially covered by mineral pigments. Frit glass is processed by depositing special mineral pigments on the glass surface which vitrify at the annealing or tempering temperatures. This is a stable, non-biodegradable deposit, and can be made in single or multiple colors, and in different patterns.
Max. Size (mm) : 2400W3600 Min. Size (mm) : 300W300 Thickness (mm) : 4-21 Frit Color: According to customers requirement
Frit Pattern: According to customers requirement Productivity/Day (Sq meters) : 500

Low-E Glass:
The low-E glass adopts world leading CVD technology, semi-conductive metal oxides coating applied to glass surface while the temperature is around 700 degree in the floating glass production. Coating combines with glass by chemical bonds so it has chemical and heat durability. This hard coating has following properties: can be sued as single pane, coating is hard and durable, everlasting energy efficient, no coating need to be removed in the fabrication of the insulated glass, can be bent, tempered and stored as regular glass.
Max. Size (mm) : 3300W2250 Min Size (mm) : 300W30Back

Painted Glass
Never fade-out, easy cleaning, colourful,
Maximum process size  2440mm x 3660 mm
Minimum process size  200 mm x 200 mm
Thickness of Glass  4 mm  22 mm

GS Craft Mirror: sandblasted mirror
Newest design and high quality will make your bathroom fill with more fashionable and artistic living atmosphere.
*Use high quality glass of silver plated, and dual protective paint.
* Smoothing mirror surface of immaculacy and true image.
* It's moisture-proof and no breaking off.
0 Thickness (mm) :4/5/6