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The insulating glass features:Optical feature:According to the different performance of glass sheet of compound
glass, the rang of light transmittance is 10-80% and refectivity is 13-35%.
Superior energy saving effect:Because the dryer in aluminum frame makes the air in
glass keep dry through the gap on aluminum frame, so insulating glass has very
good heat partition performance.
Acoustic insulating:Insulating glass can reduce 27-40 decibel noise;80 decibel transportation
noise outside will become 50 decibel indoor and get very quite effect.
Remove frost:Insulating glass won't be frosted despite of temperature difference
owing to the function of air partion.
Improved wind load resisrant intensity:The anti-wind pressure intensity of insulating
glass is 15 times more than single glass.
Not likely to self-burst:The production method of insulating glass is bonding process
and is a kind of cold processing. The internal stress of glass sheet remains
unchanged, seal around with elastic material and glass is not likely to self-burst.
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