Sell Insulation Glass Fabric Varnished Cloth

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We can provide the following Varnished Glass Fabric Cloth,
Oil Varnished Silk
Oil Polyamide Varnished Silk
Polyester varnished glass cloth
Alkyd Varnished Glass Fabric
Silicone Varnished Glass Fabric

2210-Oil Varnished Silk is made from the silk, i. e. , insulating silk, and then, in the process of dipping in the oily paint and drying.
It is Class A insulating material.
It has good electrical and mechanical performances, it will be used at 1050 or less for a long period
It can be used for the binding and insulating materials for the electric motor, appliance, etc.
Nominal thickness(mm) :0.08,0.10,0.22,0.15

2432-Alkyd Varnished Glass Fabric is prepared by impregnating the glass fibre cloth with oil-modified alkyed varnish and then baking the coated cloth.
It is class B(130 degree c)
It has good dielectric properties at normal condition breakdown voltage> 5.0-9.0 KV/mm
This product has high mechanical strength and suitable elongation.
It can be used for coil insulation and slot liner of electrical machines and appliances with class B insulation system.
Nominal thickness(mm) :0.08,0.10,0.22,0.15