Sell Integrated Diode Side Pumped Laser marking Machine

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Integrated Diode Side Pumped Laser marking Machine
1. No vibration caused by flowing water so that the laser beam quality and pointing performance are more stable.
2. Electric-to-optical conversion efficiency is high and the operation time of the lamp is elongated.
3. The sealing is very good and there is no water leakage for long time use.
4. The laser has first-pulse compression function and the laser pulse peak power is more consistent. Thus the marking quality is much better since the marked lines are also uniform.
Pump mode Laser diode-pumped
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser power* 50W 75W 100W
Laser beam diameter 3mm 3mm 4mm
Laser power stability 13%
Pulse repetition rate 1~50kHz
Scanning speed <=7000mm/s
Marking depth <=0.35mm <=0.45mm <=0.55mm
Marking resolution 0.02mm
Minimum marking character 0.50mm
Standard marking field 110mmW110mm
(others available upon request)
Cooling method Closed water cooling
Marking software Based on WIN XP/2000
Environment requirement Temperature 50C-350C, humility: 0-95%
Electric requirement 220VAC, 4KVA 220VAC, 5KVA 220VAC, 6KVA