Sell Integrated Fiber Laser Marking Machine-Portable

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Integrated Fiber Laser Marking Machine-Portable

Technical Specifications

Model ATM-MLF-20
Laser wavelength 1080nm
Nominal average output power 20W
Operation mode Pulse
Energy per pulse (at 20 kHz) 1.0 mJ
Pulse duration <30 ns
Pulse peak power (at 20 kHz) >20 kW
Pulse repetition rate 20 to 100kHz
Output power tunability 10-100%
Output power stability (over 1 hour) <+/- 2%
External TTL modulation frequency Up to 5.0 kHz
Emission bandwidth (FWHM) < 3 nm
Polarization Random
Output fibre length 3m
Typical beam diameter @1/e2 0.6mm
Storage Temperature - 20 to + 600C
Operation Temperature + 15 to + 400C
Operating voltage DC 12V
Power consumption < 350W
Scanning speed <=7000mm/s
Marking depth <=0.35mm
(depending on materials)
Marking resolution 0.02mm
Minimum marking character 0.50mm
Standard marking field 110mmW110mm
(others available upon request)
Cooling method Air cooling
Marking software Based on WIN XP/2000
Electric requirement 220VAC