Sell Integrated Ozone Generator (SOZ-YWS)

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Integrated Ozone generator SOZ-YWS series-->Integrated Ozone generator SOZ-YWS series
This series generator integrates oxygen generating unit, ozone generating unit, high voltage power, mixer, pump, gas water
Separator and control system. It produces high concentration ozone, Ozone dissolves into water and water flows out, then the water can
Kill virus and break down the effect of agriculture pesticide.

A) Sterilization for washing bowls, dishes, fruit and vegetable, toys and other things.
B) Break down pesticide for restaurants, hotels, food factory to remove pesticide, fertilizer and other poisonous substance.
C) Water treatment popularly applied for purified water, mineral water, beverage, aquariums, color removal.
D) Food greenness popularly applied for refrigeration room, food factory, livestock butcher factory.
Washing wash clothes for hotel, hospital, sauna room, pharmaceutical factory, food factory.
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