Sell Integrated Telephone from china

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Integrated Telephone
Specifications 1. This Short-Range phone supports two-use of the handset. Users can use the handset with or without coil cord. When using the handset without coil cord, users have to insert 3pcs size batteries to the handset. 2. This Short-Range phone designed in low power consumption. 3. The handset without coil cord can support to use effectively within 3 meters. 4. FSK /DTMF dual system CID 5. Jumbo LCD Display with Back-light 6. Handsfree Speakerphone with volume control 7.8 Muiscal Ringer & 8 Ringer tone selectable 8.8 music tone for hold function 9.10 Two-Touch memory 10. Call-in memory, Dial-out memory can be review, redial & store 11. Auto-Redialing function 12. No-disturbing VIP function 13. Alarm clock function 14. Pre-dialing and clearing function 15. Calculator function 16. IDD Lock 17. Earphone jack provided 18. AC Adaptor jack provided
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