Sell Integrative Solar Water Heater

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Heat-collecting pipe: 58-1800 47-1500
Core material: SUS304-2B catable level stainless steel
Shell material: Al plating Zn board or colored steel board
Heat-preserving layer: 40-60mm polyester by wholly mechanical press technology
Ripened and constant-temperature technology processed, capable of longer time heat-preserving
Holder material: 1.2-1.5mm Zn plating board static plastic sprayed and high temperature
Processed stronger more beautifull and with longer endurance
Angle: 45 non -pressure with standing water-infusing micro -computer for option

Evacuated tube fi (47 x 1500mm)
47*1500mm (20 pipe)
47*1500mm (30 pipe)
Evacuated tube fi(58*1800mm)
58*1800mm (20 pipe)
58*1800MM (30 pipe)
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