Sell Intel Celeron D 335 2.80Ghz / 256K Cache / 533 FSB / Socket 478 / Processor

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Intel Celeron D 335 2.80Ghz / 256K Cache / 533 FSB / Socket 478 / Processor
Celeron. D Processor
Intel introduces the Celeron. D processor for desktop applications. This processor features 533MHz FSB and a larger 256K cache in the 478-pin package. Intel Celeron processors provide the value customer the capability to affordably get onto the Internet, utilize educational programs, home-office software and productivity applications. All of Intels Celeron processors include an integrated L2 cache, and are built on Intel's advanced CMOS process technology. The Intel Celeron processor is backed by over 30 years of Intel experience in manufacturing high-quality, reliable microprocessors.


Processor Speed 335 / 2.80GHz

Processor Interface Socket 478

Bus Speed 533MHz

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