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Product Description
Good companion for painting machine ----Poster Heat Jointer Machine may join disjunct advertising poster surface without mucilage. Know to all, the way to bond disjunct advertising poster surfaces, we usually use mucilage, such as the 502 glue to join them together in one, but the means have a lot of disadvantages, such as:
(1) Almost all of these kinds of bond are harmful on human health;
(2) When work, the operation is slow and is not too satisfied in strength with the glue, to get a good strength, usually we must proceed a special handling, such as whet the surface to make the surface not smoothed, so it may cost more workers;
(3) The air temperature may influence the stick strength, in low temperature environment, the bond effect maybe bad. The Heat-Jointer Machine Without Mucilage, will be a more efficient companion for advertising material instead of the 502 glue.
It can nicely solve the above existent problems, and may save more manpower and work field, for example, a PVC jointed painting with 200 meters long surface can be easily coalesced together and well matched, all the works can be well finished by a single person on only a heat-resistant and smooth base ground about 30 square meters.
The machine is designed self-moveable, the volume is small, the whole weight only 9 kilogram, the work temperature and self-move speed is adjustable; The HEAT JOINTER Machine, to join disjunct poster banner without mucilage which is constructed simple, easy to maintain, The volume is small, the whole weight only 9 kilogram, the work temperature and self-move speed is adjustable; The operation is also simple, and needs not much guide to operate.
When use:
1) Immobilise both ends of each disjunct poster surface with something such as stick belt or clamp, and leave about 30-40mm wide overlap edge on each disjunct poster surface edge; 2) Turn on the machine, prepare warm up about 2 minutes;
3) Bring up the machine, and place the roll at the end of the overlap edge;
4) According to quality and thickness of the poster surface material, consider the ground circumstance, adjust the proper temperature and speed, handle the Fuse machine Gun down and insert it between the two poster banner edges, then the machine start running, after go pass the overlap edge, the two disjunct banners will be well joined in one. Application: Laminate and bond up disjunct flat painting surface made of heat-melted material, such as outdoor advertising poster, PVC cloth & PE fabric Canvas, outdoor poster banner, plastic surface, Sailcloth. . . Etc.
Specification parameter:
1) Alternant electric voltage: 220V/50Hz;
2) Upper limit power: 2000W, average 800W;
3) Adjustable work temperature: 50-600c;
4) Adjustable: Self-move speed 0.8-15M/per minute;
5) Whole weight: Simple model: 10KG Common model 15 kilogram; Intelligent model 15 kilogram
6) Splicing width: 2-5cm.
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