Sell Intelligent Charging Controllers

Intelligent Charging Controllers
Main Functions:
Charging mode: PWM high efficiency charging way. Boost, recovery and float charging auto work for bat long-life. Temperature compensation.
High accuracy control by the discharging rate: Over-discharging control voltage modified by the battery discharging rate curve.
Self protection: Protection on overload, outside and inside short circuit, reverse connection, thunder and lightning, PV penal reverse current, over charging and discharging etc

LED indication on system condition: LED indicating the system of charging, overcharge, power full, power low, over-discharge, over load, out short circuit, load on/off, etc.
Multi lamp ON/OFF setting mode:
Sunlight sense of PV auto ON/OFF
Sunlight sense of PV ON + time setting OFF

Rated charge current 10A(max13A)
Rated load current 10A{max13A}
Over load protection 1. 25 Rated load current 60sec, 1. 5 Rated load current 5sec: >=2 Rated load current protection
Quiescent current Control circuit: <=8 mA: LED(MAX) <=10mA
Work voltage 12/24V AUTOWORK;

Work temperature industry: -35 to +50; Commerce: -5 to +4
Battery capacity Battery capacity 24, 40, 60, 100AH set by jumper
Boost charge voltage 14. 8V: X2/24V: (10min)
Direct charge voltage 14. 4V: X2/24V: (10min)
Float charge voltage 13. 4V; X2/24V:
Charge return voltage 13. 2v
Temperature compensation 5mv/2v;
Lower voltage indicate 12. 0V: X2/24v:
Over discharge voltage 11. 4V-(no load) ; X2/24V:
Control mode PWM charge mode, modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate