Sell Intelligent High Speed Blister Packing Line

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Controlled by the computer, the production line is collected light, machine electricity and gas into an organic whole to finish aluminum mold froth cover packing and automatically puckers medicine manual and medicine board paper box packing, full-automatically running in succession medicine's package. This product has advanced self-examining function, can identify broken froth cover, shortage of medicine board and manual etc, and empty box inspecting memory. It can eliminate the waster at 100% level.

The main functions of the product line:
1) Automatically forming aluminum mold (aluminum) froth cover; realize auto-inspecting for froth cover
2) Fill materials and inspecting automatically
3) Cover aluminum foil and heat impress to envelop, at the same time the lot number is printed
4) Clashing cut edition output automatically, recycle flotsam automatically
5) The edition transfer automatically to import into box packing machine
6) Pucker medicine manual automatically and export
7) Paper box spread automatically
8) Enclose the medicine board and manual into the paper box automatically
9) Paper box seal automatically
10) Finished products and waster separate and export automatically

1) Max. clashing cut frequency: 80 times/min
2) The largest shaping area: 110 x 240mm
3) Process range: 140-180mm
4) General power: 50Hz 380V 6kW
5) Paper box size scope: (70-125) x (30-78) x (12-30) mm
6) Max. capacity: 120 boxes/min
7) Compressing air: 1.2-1.5liter/min
8) Compressing air pressure: >=0.8MPa
9) Vacuum pump: >=60m3/h, -0.06 - 0.09MPa
10) Mould cooling water: tap water or cycle water
11) Exterior size: 8,500 x 1,600 x 1,950mm
12) Weight: 5,500kg
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