Sell Intelligent Luxury Omnipotence Device

Intelligent Luxury Omnipotence Device

The device fit together beauty, health care perfectly. Has solid tend and protect mode from inner to outer to start epoch for beauty&health protection. Really carry out perfect unification for protection physical therapy and healthiness&beauty. it can directly act on body organ by high-pressure static magnetic field. Also, cleanse blood and stimulate inside nerve cell by energy of high frequency concussion wave. Waste products can be export from excretion and sweat gland to thin face, reduce fatiness, develop breast, remove toxin, nurse eyes, take care of health&ovary

------ is a intelligent, new-style machine.


1. activate collagenous fibre of declining and spring fibre, improve skin spring, step up drooping muscle, decrease wrinkle.

2. make cell to absorb more moisture, get hypodermic tissue enough moisture content, cause skin plumy&lenitive, beauty-white and fine.

3. get across activation cell, get hold of enough content of cuticular sulfhydry gene, restrain tyrosinase from formation, prevent melanin, use part of leading care, advance part of blood circulation, increase metabolism, break down melanin, thus freshening splash.

4. activate breast lipocyte, promote thymus growth, activate breast tissue, increase chest fattiness, dredge meridian, adjust female hormonal system, flat, droopy, micromazia to be plump, firm.

5. through high-voltage static vibration, make subcutaneous fat to be heating up 2 degrees, increase 26% BMR, irritate blood&lymph circulation, accelerate lipocyte metabolism, remove surplus verruca.

6. raise human body potential difference, strengthen human organism function, increase phylactic power, improve sub-health, reduce disease effect, have involuntary protection efficacy.