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KL4.4LM (A) (Lithium miners cap lamp) can be used for the following fields where flammable and explosive gas exists: mines, petroleum, chemistry, railway, construction and so on.
Technical Parameter:
Short circuit protection:<=100M(Ohms) No Flames, No Explosion
Illumination hours for Main source of light: >=13h
Illumination hours for Auxiliary source of light: >=20h
Battery Capacity: 4.4Ah
Full-charging Protection: 3.0V
Max brightness (after being turned on) : >=2500 1x
Max brightness (after lighting for 11 hours) : >=1800 1x
Standard Voltage: 2.4V
Full-discharging protection: 1.9V
Main source of light: 0.3A Auxiliary source of light: 0.1A
LED lifespan: >=100000h Battery: Lithium Battery
Battery Lifespan: >=full charging and over-discharging for 600 times Charging Time: 810 hours
Explosive-typed light source of miners lamp cap: EXSI Weight: 700g