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SPT series Protocol Converter mainly be used to centralized management of various of protective relays device and other intelligent devices, as well as to convert the communication protocol. Through many kinds of standard communication interface to have data communication with relay protection, fault recorders, watt-hour meter, DC screen and so on devices, then send to background control system by networt or serial port, or send to remote dispatching center by modem after program processing.
It is suitable to extremely adverse condition, and can be widely used to distributed data acquisition and transmission of all levers electric power automation system.

To adopt Motorala 32-bit high performance microcontrollers and commercial real-time multifunction operating system that make sure of the product stability and operation speed.
High quality industrial element, high lever electrial design and high density integrated circuit structure enable the device have excellent electro-magnetic shielding and electrical isolation. The integrated machine has no regulable element that greatly enhance the ability of anti-interference and the reliability of the device.
Having high speed and reliable communitation interface such as ethernet and serial port for system extension to strengthen the device scalability and allocation flexibility.
Flexible on-line and off-line debugging, reliable program upgrading and parameter download and data query functions meet the need of ever new and faster network information age.
Integration can be equipped with acquisition protocol CDT.103, MODBUS, and Transmission protocol CDT,101,104, DNP. Free send EasySPC maintenance allocation software. Customers can self regulated to finish protocol debug quickly according to the on-site, and also can make special protocol development accoeding to the on-site demand.
Be provided with great ability of self diagnosis and self healing, the system can be self-recoverd in a short time when causing program operation error by outside interference or other reasons.
Use real time operation system Nucleus as the platform, realize multifunction, on the basis of communication program of message queuing, face all objects:object programmer, communication port and communication protocol seperately. The communication function can be real time and reliable.
Wall-hung install structure, installation and use are convenient.
Predominant performance to price ratio. One device is equal to the total of industrial computer, SCADA software, serial device server and switch, and never be in the Dead State, more convenient for users local application and market competetion.
System index Work environment requirement
 System availability
 System availability>=99.98%
 System capacity
 Insert device qty one time: >=50 insert element supports decentralized installation.
 Transmission debug qty one time: >=2
 Ability of inserting communication
 Support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 communication
 Support Lan communication, conform to IEEE802.3 stipulation, use TCP/IP as the basic net communication protocol
 Ability of inserting communication
a) Support RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 communication
 b) Support Lan communication, conform to IEEE802.3 stipulation, use TCP/IP as the basic net communication protocol.
 Information transmission time
 Action protection event<=3s
 Failure report<=10s
 Query response time <=5s

 Environment temperature: -100~+500, the average temperature can not surpass +350 in 24 hours;
 Storing temperature: -10 0 ~+70 0, no increase to excitation under the limit value, no irreversible conversion to the device, after the temperature resuming, the device can work normally;
 Relative humidity: less than 85
 Air pressure: 80 kPa ~110kPa
 Working place: deviate the datum location less than 5
 There should not be explosive medium, either the gas which can corrode the metal and destroy the insulation or conductive media; can not fill with vapor and exist serious mold;
 The application place must have the facilities to defend rain , snow , wind, sand and dusty.
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Minimum Order Quantity