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The Friction Type Intelligent Oil Pumping Unit has been researched and developed after summing-up conventional beaming pumping units featuring low efficiency, high power consumption, and other disadvantages. The unit attracts special interest from oil industry experts home and abroad. The popularization of the unit will greatly boost pumping efficiency and save power resources.

The Friction Type Intelligent Oil Pumping Unit can pump thicker or thinner oil under different geological conditions with high efficiency and low energy consumption so as to overcome and solve the disadvantages and problem of the beam pumping unit existing under actual operation. The beam pumping units , now under operation in all oil fields, are of low efficiency and high energy consumption. It is difficult to regulate the strokes with very narrow adjustable scope and the stroke times can not be stepless in regulation at any time. The friction pumping units, with mechanic and electrical integrity, employ intelligent analog and digital control and use the switched reluctance motor as the prime mover - power factor cos=1.