Sell Intelligent Turnstile / Barrier

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Model: JSZT141
Specification: 280*1400*1090mm
Brand: Jieshun The intelligence blocks the Barrier
Description: Install: single machine Center machine box (JS140.01 Used for the single passage with many passages) , a machine center machine box (JS140.02 Used for many passages)
Passage breadth:!\700( mm)
The body identifies: It is accurate to recognize to hold the card that person whether to have legal power or not to pass to specify the district
Charges automatically: According to the standard of the enactment, charges, insure automatically accurate candor
Statistics the management: Let you are to person4s discharge, charge circumstance, flow the frequency holds with direction card person4s circumstance clearly, combining can output the statement
Record information: Can with computer join net, record information convenience fast
The sound and light reports to the police the device, this product suits single direction the limit flow or a passage for flowing to limit manages, equipments can at often open the mode or often shut mode next work
External appearance size: 280*1400*1090mm
Work electric voltage: 220AV
Work temperature: -25 degree~60 opposite degree of humidities: 25 degree over, smaller or same as 90%
Often open: 50 person-time/cent often shuts: 30 person-time/cent
Connect a request: Reading the card connects: +12V~+18V10MA the even signal in an electricity communication connects: Standard the signal of RS485