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Cold-recovery intelligentized hot water unit is a type of new-generation environmental-friendly and energy-saving hot water product developed by the Group on the basis of long-term research and development which has a wide range of application, particularly applicable to the places such as hotels, sauna, hospitals, factories, and high-quality residential quarters etc.

Features of the intelligentized hot water unit:
1. High-performance and energy-saving, with Coefficient of Performance up to 6.0
2. Profit making: capable of cold recovery in process of hot water heating, allowing zero-cost cold production.
<>3. Safe and environment-friendly: take refrigerant as medium, free of toxicity and explosion hazard
4. Allowing microcomputer control; possible for operation and control via remote or centralized management system
5. Unitized or modular section construction ensures delicate dimensions; it may be installed on heavenly platform, gazebo or apparatus room etc. as you like.
6. The cold air discharged in process of hot water heating may be utilized for reducing the ambient temperature and improving the quality of space environment.