Sell Intelligent digital pressure transmitter LDD3000

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(1) Accuracy: 0.05% FSO(100C~300C) , 0.08% FSO (00C~500C) . The accuracy includes error of pressure sluggish, nonlinear, repeatability, and temperature drift.
(2) output distinguish rate: less than 0.01%FSO
(3) measure range: form 0~35KPa to 0~100MPa
(4) temp range: operation temp: 00C~500C, deposited temp: -300C~700C
(4) temp display/output: distinguish rate: more or less than0.10C, accuracy: more or less than0.50C
(5) Digital interface: RS485, output pressure value/ temp value, support RS485 twisted-pair network, ASCII communication agreement.
(6) Electrified battery: operate 200 hours continuously
(7) Protection: IP65
(8) Material: pressure interface: 316L stainless steel, curst is aluminum alloy
(9) Nine pressure units shift freedom, pure weigh function, distinguish rate display, pressure percentage rod display.