Sell Intelligent wing barrier

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Integrating mechanism, electronic with micro-processor as well as diversified technology of identity, wing barrier is a promotion of intelligent tripod turnstile and swing barrier.
1. Technology specification
Framework: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Specification: 1400*300*1050(mm)
Weight: 140(kg)
Arm length: 280(mm)
Interface: standard port-RS485
Power voltage: AC220 (10%more or less) V,50HZ
Drive voltage: 24V
Transit speed: 3040persons per minute
Working Environment: Indoor/Outdoor (with a tent over)
Temperature: 10 below degree to 50 degree
Humidity: <=90%
2. Function
With function of self-examine and alarms, it is convenient for users to maintain and use.
It will raise the alarm by means of a sound or light when someone pushes in illegally.
The mechanism is locked until a valid open signal is received.
Reset automatically--Go signal will be cancelled if passage through is not completed within pre-set time. The standard default is 5 seconds.
Unit can be adjusted permanent open or close when power off to meet different needs. Unit can be controlled and administered by remote control
3. Extensible function:
Material of arms is optional